Fourth and Final Coat of Interlux Perfection on the Deck

I finally found a decent day to lay down the fourth and final coat of Interlux Perfection on Windsong's deck.  This past Saturday was the day, and it was overall pretty good for applying this paint.  Mid 80's temperatures, low winds; cons were the medium-high humidity and clear sunny skies.  As mentioned plenty of times before, having mild temperatures, low humidity, low wind, and no direct sunlight is impossible; so I have to take what I can get. However, given all of the mistakes I've learned from the past 3 coats, I was able to really dial in the application and get a fantastic finish.  As with the prior two coats I thinned at 10% and only rolled on, no tipping.  I applied the paint slowly and methodically, ensuring good coverage and limiting mistakes.

The results are far better than what I though I could get.  This coat leveled out better than any previous coat, retained the incredible gloss even with high humidity, and gave me a smooth mirror finish.

In order to complete the deck paint job I will now apply the Kiwigrip non-skid coating.  However, the non-skid is not nearly as fussy as the gloss; and only one coat should be required.  I am ecstatic that the hard part is over.  No more nervously watching the weather, no more sanding the entire deck down between coats!

Here are a few pictures of the process and result.  Check out the full gallery here:

Repairing, Modifying and Painting the Deck (Gallery)

These first few pictures are during the application, paint still wet:

These foam rollers were great for everything, even corners.

The block was vital to roll off excess paint.  The tray only got so much, and you can't have too much paint loaded in the roller or else you won't get that smooth finish.

The mixing station:

These pictures are after the paint has dried about 24 hours later:

Thumbs up for a mirror finish!

The non-skid areas are still only covered with Interlux Epoxy Primekote.  You can see that the white color of the primer has yellowed over time, almost to the color I want the actual non-skid to be.