Third Coat of Interlux Perfection on the Deck

Laid down the third coat of Interlux Perfection on the deck this weekend.  I intended it to be the last, but it just didn't turn out as good as I hoped so a fourth coat will be called for. The conditions were similar to the second coat, except much windier.  I knew the winds would be in the 10-15 mph range sometime in the day, but I hoped they would be light in the morning.  Temperatures were in the mid 70's, lowish humidity and sunny.  I thinned the paint approximately 10%, and did not keep it in a cooler with ice this time.

I got to painting at about 8:30, and was lucky any dew had dried up already.  I was worried from the start about the winds, so I worked too fast from the start.  Looking at the dried coat, it is evident I rushed the job and applied way too thin of a coat.  Working too fast caused me to be careless in coverage and in the way I moved around the boat.  Too careless and you will bump into drying paint and ruin it.

The wind also had a bad effect on the paint.  You can't see it from more than a couple feet away, but if you look close you can see tiny little marks the wind left on the paint.  Combine this with the too-thin coat and the finish isn't as slick as I know it can be.  Otherwise, the paint laid down wonderfully, and looked great in the areas I applied it thick enough.

Here are some areas with good coverage:

Sorry about the finger...

It is hard to show an example of what happened in the areas that are too thin.  Take a look at this photo for the best example I got on camera.  You can see in the big area a few streaks, those are areas I didn't roll over well enough.

And this is what happens when you rush and bump into drying paint:

Maybe I'm being too picky at this point, but I didn't put this much work into the deck and not get a satisfying coat.  I have enough paint for a fourth coat, so luckily I won't have to shell out more cash.  I have learned my lessons by applying too thick of a coat (first coat), applying it too late in the day (second coat), and applying too thin of a coat in high winds (third coat).  I should be able to apply these lessons learned on the fourth and make it the final coat.

Unfortunately the weather looks pretty bad this weekend, so maybe next week if I can get some time off work or next weekend.