Third and Last Coat of Primer on the Deck

This past Sunday we laid on the third and final coat of Interlux Epoxy Primekote on the deck.  I didn't bother going over the non-skid areas again, as they will be covered by new non-skid and don't need to be super perfect.  The white areas got the third coat and seem to be covered pretty well after this one. Here are some pictures after the last coat, and if you check out the full gallery of before and after pics you can see how the repairs are now nearly completely covered.  I started sanding this last coat, which needs to be completely flat before I apply the paint.  There are a few spots where I've sanded through and and are darker than the surrounding areas.  I might spot prime these areas again, but most I hope the paint will cover well.

Here is the general condition of the primed deck right now.  I tiny bit of texture, with various drips and bumps:

Using 220 grit paper, I've started sanding it completely flat and smooth:

Other pictures:

I've sanded in this section: