Second Coat of Primer on the Decks

This Sunday Jenny and I rolled on the second coat of primer, and oh man....the change is incredible. As I mentioned before, the first coat was a bit underwhelming in coverage as most of the repairs and fairing work were still visible through the white.  But the second coat made the deck unrecognizable.  I guess I was just in a haze of work and I had to paint myself off the ladder, but I didn't realize how different it looked on Sunday when I finished.  I went to check it out yesterday and just stared at the deck in awe for some time.  

Today I went back and started sanding it down in preparation for the third and last coat of primer.  It is surprising how many little things you miss until you see the deck in a uniform color.  I did quite a bit more crack filling and ding repair after the first coat., but only have  a few tiny ones left.    But after this coat the deck looks completely reconditioned.

The boat has had a great transformation so far, but it has mostly been in I've pretty much only taken it apart.  As for transformation moving forward, this is the most profound so far and has injected a lot of excitement.

No pictures yet, but I'll get some before the next coat.  If all goes well, I'll put on the last coat this weekend and be ready for the paint by next week.