Out comes the Engine!!

In the last post I had gotten the shaft coupling separated from the transmission. Since then I had disconnected everything from the engine and had it pulled out yesterday. It was pretty exhilarating to get it out and begin the engine room project. The following was done to prepare for the engine pull:

-Remove refrigerator compressor and its mount -Disconnect all hoses - water feed, fuel feed, fuel return, exhaust -Disconnect wiring harnesses, starter battery wire, grounding wires -Remove alternator (want to replace it, and it gave some extra room to get to wiring and mounts) -Disconnect coolant water expansion tank and hose -Remove belt -Remove air silencer/intake (needs to be replaced, flimsy and always falls off anyways) -Separate shaft coupings -Remove engine room side insulation (for a little more room to work with) -Remove motor mount nuts. The rear motor mount nuts were so rusted and frozen, I needed to use a combo of drilling through them and a dremel cutoff wheel to get them off. They were easily the biggest pain of this whole process. -Disconnect the transmission control wire -Disconnect throttle control wire -Disconnect tachometer wire

Picture time!

Engine and Engine room before anything was removed:

Removing the coolant water expansion tank hose:

Side panel insulation before removal. In poor shape

Front stbd mount. This one was easy

Front port mount. Needed to remove the fuel tank hoses to get to it. Post alternator removal as well.

Mostly disassembled

Engine room

Things that have come off

View from above after removing companionway stairs

Up comes the engine!

Will it fit!?

Piece of cake


Engine room post removal. Cleaning this place up is one of the big reasons I wanted it out of there.

Notice the piece of motor mount lying there. The aft, port mount rusted in half!

The Abyss (aka, the bilge). Cant wait to clean that out

The shaft

Packing nut with loose flax packing. This is what allowed water to spray all over the engine room. Can't blame it for failing after seeing the poor condition of the mounts.

Engine all cosy on the ground, ready for work.

Cant wait to clean and paint the beast.

Now the work begins!