Paint Cometh...

The time is nigh for deck paint!! It seems like the past year since deconstruction of Windsong slowed down I've been preparing for painting the interior and decks.  If 90% of a good paint job is preparation, then I should be A-OK.  I've decided that painting the deck is the #1 priority right now and all of my efforts are focused on it.   Unfortunately this has put me on a schedule, and the first time I've had a schedule for the whole project.  Giving myself deadlines has given me the first bit of time-related stress on the boat as I've generally moved at my leisure up until now.

There are a few reasons for pushing the deck paint agenda:

  • The weather window will close in a couple months.  With each 60 degree, windless, cloudless day that passes I feel a sense of urgency that I need to get this paint on before the warm and humid months approach.  The 2-part polyurethane paint I will be using needs a nearly flawless day to be applied correctly.  Since I really only have weekends to do the work during daylight hours, and the fact that I need quite a few weekends to apply all of the primer and paint coats, I am feeling hurried to begin the process.  If I don't get the paint on before the heat comes, I may be left to wait until Fall...and I would like to have the boat in the water by then.
  • The boat is wide open right now.  No windows, no hatches, no drains...nothing.  Windsong is pretty secure under its canopy of tarps, but they only do so much.  I have been able to keep rain and moisture out of the boat thanks to the tarps, but they make getting on/off and around the boat a bit pain.
  • I need to seal off the interior so that I can keep it clean and ready for paint.  The interior is nearly ready for paint with most repairs and modifications complete.   However, water and dirt from the decks still leaks into the cabin with the right conditions making it nearly impossible to keep spotless for paint.  I cannot wire and re-plumb the boat until I paint the interior, so the decks need to be finished so at a minimum I can install windows, drains, caprail and deck fills.  That would plug up the holes that are letting water in below and give me a clean canvas for painting.

Since it is too dark after work to work on the decks (I do interior work on weeknights), I have to utilize my weekend time for this prep-work.  I have potted and plugged up every hole that goes through the cored deck.  The only remaining holes are for the deck drains and fills, a dorade vent hole, and the hatches/windows.  I've repaired and faired over hundreds of cracks and dings, and as of this past weekend I think I've filled and faired them all.

The only work left before the first coat of primer is to give the deck one last sanding and cleaning.  If all goes well (the weather is iffy right now), I can complete that this Saturday and lay down the first primer coat on Sunday.

For the paint specifics, I will be using the Interlux Perfection 2-part polyurethane paint system (Matterhorn white), with Epoxy Primekote as primer.  For the non-skid areas I will be using KiwiGrip (will get tinted to some sort of tan/sand color).