New Camera & Progress Report

Sometime last year, not too long after my haul-out, my camera broke.  Since then you will probably have noticed that the pictures on this blog have been sub-par and infrequent.  I have been using a combination of my old and broken Droid phone, and my current (old, first generation) iphone.  The old Droid has a better camera, but only holds a charge for a day and has a crushed screen.  It works, but previewing pictures was always difficult:

All of that changed this Christmas, however!  Myself and Jenny are proud new owners of a Canon EOS Rebel T3i.  It is my wish to become a decent photographer and bring this blog some great images throughout my adventures.  I'm sure it will take a lot of practice and learning to get good, but having a great camera helps.

Over the past couple of weeks I have continued to work on the decks and the cabin-top stiffeners.  The stiffeners are getting their glass jobs and the decks are getting filled, faired and repaired.  I am also doing little jobs here and there such as getting my old wind/depth/speed instruments ready to be sent in for repair and service.  After much contemplation, I figured that the old instruments are worth trying to salvage and repair rather than shelling out cash for new ones.  Nothing really exciting, but the work continues. Here are some pictures from the new camera:

Stiffener pre-glass:

Getting glassed in:

Filling and fairing.  The gloop sands down easy, so I am liberal with it

An old vent hole being filled in.  I am re-locating the vents so this one needed to be closed up.  After this step, the core is glassed and faired over

Random boat yard pictures...

Wind, Depth, Speed instruments being ready for shipment


Bonus!  This is Koda...