Preparing for Paint & Glassing in Thru-hulls

With the near-completion of the cabin top stiffeners, I have now come to a stopping point on interior/cabin work.  All of the structural projects are mostly complete and it is now time for cabin paint prep, but I will wait until I finish the decks to go forward with that.  Reason being is that with the deck in its current state, too much rain water gets into the cabin and ruins all cleaning/paint prep.  So my current goal is to get the decks finished and painted so I can begin to install deck fittings and windows, therefore finally sealing the cabin from the elements. The decks are nearly ready for priming, but still needs some more ding repair/fairing work done.  I spent this past weekend grinding out dings for fairing, and will continue this work on weekends until it is ready to prime.  I can only work on the decks on the weekends because it is too dark after work.  During the week I plan on finalizing the cabin-top stiffeners and bulkhead installations.  I am pretty darn excited for the next couple of months, knowing the paint will be put on soon.

As part of the fiberglass work I have been trying to finish, I glassed in two unused thru-hulls in the head.  One was for the holding tank discharge, the other wasn't used at all.  I will be going with a composting head, so the holding tank discharge was unnecessary.  Many people seem to think that glassing in a thru-hull is a "too big" of a project, but I found it quite easy.  Granted, I've filled in a few other thru-hulls, but these are my first below-the-waterline holes.

By following good fiberglass/epoxy procedures, the process was pretty painless.  The worst part about it was grinding the huge bevel for a proper job.  It took about 25-30 minutes of careful grinding to get the correct shape using a flap disk.  I ended up with about a 10:1 bevel, and about 12 layers of glass.  With careful cutting of the glass disks, I was able to shape the repair pretty flush with the hull.  Of course, it will need some grinding and fairing, but overall I am very satisfied with the repair.

The thru-hulls in question:

After grinding:

All glassed in: