A Case Against Pressurized Fresh Water Systems while Cruising?

I am starting to do a little forward thinking for when it is time to re-plumb Windsong in the near future. She came with some nice foot pumps at the galley and head sinks, one for salt and one for fresh water. It also originally had a full pressurized fresh-water system with AC powered or engine heat-exchange water heater. Both the water heater and pressure pump will need to be either rebuilt or replaced. The water hoses lead all the way back to the engine room which houses the pump and the water heater. The reason they go all the way back there is so the heater can be heated by the engine, but without the water heater this run of hoses would be unnecessary.

I figure while cruising the water heater would just be eating up space and is really an unnecessary luxury. While I will probably miss it for state-side living aboard, I need to set this boat up for cruising. I then started to think about why I would even need the pressurized fresh water when I have foot pumps.

So my question is to those who are cruising or intend to cruise: do you bother with a pressurized water system? If so, why? It seems that it would do nothing but waste electricity and fresh water when the foot pumps would be more than adequate.  Before I dive head first into this KISS attitude towards my water system, I would like advice from others.  There might be a point of concern I am missing and I don't want to leave any stones unturned.

Old water pump (on left, the right is a bilge pump):

Old water heater: