Around the Web - 11/14/11

This weekend I spent some time working on the large cabin windows on Windsong.  The goal was to route out the core about 1" deep and fill with thickened epoxy.  Unfortunately, I mixed a too-large batch to begin with and it eventually combusted as it cured too fast (chemistry is fun!).  With that wasted batch I only had enough filler to do one and a half of the four windows, so I was left with not much else to do.  I could have continued with my cabin top stiffener project, but that also required the filler.  The package containing my new batch of filler (Cabosil) arrived today, so I can continue these projects and hopefully have some good reports for you soon. Also...I took the time to update my blogroll on the right sidebar to include many of the blogs I have been following.  Many are boat restoration/rebuilds, some are cruisers blogging about their adventures, others are just sailing/surfing/fishing related.  Check them out!

For now, here is some of the Best of the Web from recent browsing:

IN 2003, 8-year-old Alex Ellison and his family set sail in the Caribbean on their 46-foot Beneteau 473, Promise. They had intended to take a one-year trip from Essex, Conn., through the Caribbean to South America and back, but ended up spending almost five years living in the islands, celebrating birthdays in Grenada, Christmas in the Pitons and spending three years in therain forest of Nevis. “The world was now our classroom,” Mr. Ellison wrote in his memoir, “A Star to Sail Her By” (May 2011, iUniverse).

Here, he recalls some highlights.

It's a shame though that more men don't get the opportunity to experience the virtues of sailing. I doubt there is a single one who wouldn't be better off because of it.

  • Surfer Magazine - Mortal Compass - As I begin to contemplate the direction of my travels and the idea of seeking out quality waves, the reality of these destinations must be considered.  Surf Magazines and media tend to show the best surfers on the best waves, and rarely give the perspective on how most surfers should never even consider riding these waves.  A humbling and honest article.
  • Awesome tidal river wave surfing in China: