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In an effort to get some spare change for this expensive journey, I have tried to incorporate some money making aspects to this website.  I hope to eventually secure some sponsors, but not many people want to sponsor someone who has yet to prove they will actually go out and cruise.  Therefore, the Adsense ads and Amazon Affiliate store will be my cash generation strategy for now. In some posts, I have included links to specific products on  If you click those links and purchase the item, I will get a small cut.  Think of it as a "Thank You Erick!" for recommending the product.  As of yesterday, I've added a "Book Store" link to the navigation bar above. The link takes you to my affiliate store where I have a few lists of books put together for recommendation. I am still tinkering with the design, look and feel of the whole thing, but you get the idea.

A big aspect of this website is to provide some sort of guidance to people who have similar aspirations of cruising, but don't know where to start.  I started my journey with these books, and they launched my dream into reality by providing a blueprint.  If you are considering cruising, need to learn some skills to rebuild/maintain/operate a boat, or just want to dream...then please buy these books from my Book Store.  It will help me out, even a tiny bit, but every extra dollar is appreciated.

So far I've started 3 lists of recommended books:

  1. Learn How to Rebuild a Fiberglass Sailboat
  2. Learn About Cruising on a Sailboat
  3. Sailing Books to Dream With

The first list contains the books that kick started my education in all of the skills needed to rebuild Windsong.  While I supplement these books with internet driven research, these contain most of the knowledge I've gained and implemented.

The second list contains the books I read to learn about cruising and to see if it was for me.  Of course, these books launched me into buying a boat and getting my butt in gear to fulfill this dream.  Most of these books are great references that I will continue to use as I outfit and prepare for cruising.

The final list I have are stories that inspire me to push on and achieve my sailing/cruising goals.  Whenever I need some motivation, I seek out a book like these to invigorate my imagination and get excited about the project again.  You may notice a few "disaster at sea" type books.  While these may turn some people off from the whole thing, they greatly inspired me to sail and are incredible stories on their own.  Not only that, but they contain a lot of practical advice to learn from.

The lists will be ever evolving as I read more and gain more experience, so by no means are they final.  So if you enjoy my recommendations and need to buy some books, please buy though my affiliate store.  I'll continue to improve the look, feel and navigation of the store as well.  So before you tell me how bad it is, please remember: