The economy hits - laid off from work.

Things got a shake up last week as I was laid off from my job. I've survived 6 rounds of layoffs thus far, but I guess I couldn't escape this one. I should be fine in the long run, however, all of the money I have been saving to restore Windsong will need to be used for bills until I find new employment. So as my mind processes all of the things it needs to so I can adjust to my new circumstances, I need to figure out what I can accomplish on the boat that won't eat my savings immediately. If the weather holds up I will be going up to see Windsong this weekend to do some deconstruction on the inside. I think I will focus on removing the headliner and some more wood trim. With my free time (aside from looking for a job) I will be working hard on things like restoring the woodwork. I am excited for the time to get a leg up on the work, but would rather have my steady income back.