Quick Update & Ramblings on Surfing

"Try to explain color to a blind person, and try to explain surfing to someone who has never surfed, they are very similar.  You can probably talk for days, but you won't hit the mark." -Dave Rastavich

In the coming years, especially as I am gearing up and off cruising, surfing will become a larger topic for this blog.  If you have been following for a while, or have read the "about" section of this site you will know this whole project was conceived thanks to surfing.  Plenty have found this blog and have been turned off by the fact that it is mostly a boat rebuild blog right now, and for that I must apologize.  However, I am grateful for the many sailors and boating enthusiasts who are enjoying the blog in its current state.

Writing about surfing has turned out to be one of the most difficult things for me.  Much like surfing itself, I feel that writing about it needs to be more artful than technical.  For some reason I just can't find the right words to justify what I feel about surfing.  It is easily the number one enjoyment in my life, and has molded the person who I am today probably more than anything outside of my parents and upbringing.  Yet...I struggle to do it justice in written form.  In the near future, I hope to change that and give the surfer readers something to look forward to.  Until I find the words I am searching for, take a look at these:

The 10 Rules of Surf Exploration - Indies Trader Captain Martin Daly lists out 10 essential rules for surf exploration.  The Indies Trader operates in Indonesia, and it is boats like these that opened my imagination to surf exploration from the water.  Most surf publications are littered with pictures and stories from boats like these, and my jealousy of the surfers enjoying such trips pushed me into this path.  Surf exploration via boat will be the focus of my cruising, and this list is just the tip of the iceberg for things I need to learn.

Want to know the most amazing feeling in the world?  Watch this video for a glimpse:

Do You Like Barrels ??? Hugues Oyarzabal from Biriatou's production on Vimeo.

Dave Rastovich's "I surf because..." video that my opening quote came from.  Insightful words from one of my favorites:

In other news the weather this past week has been bad enough to slow progress on Windsong, but not halt it.  I have been cutting out the main bulkhead and preparing the stiffeners to be re-installed.  The customization I am making to the boat require the stiffeners to be modified from their stock structure.  Essentially, I am having to figure out a way to lengthen each one by about an inch and it is proving most difficult.  I think I have figured out a solution, and will post the results once I have it all worked out.