Updates and Around The Web

I've made some great progress in Section 3 (v-berth, head area) these past few weeks. The section as a whole will be finished once I install the v-berth to head bulkhead, install the overhead stiffeners, glass in the two thru-hulls I am getting rid of, and finish cleaning and painting the bilge lockers. Lots of work has been put in and projects seem to be getting easier as I gain more experience. Hopefully I can have the section done and written up in the next couple of weeks. Up next will be replacing the main bulkhead and compression post as the most intensive project in the next section. For now, here are some good links I've been saving up:

Cruising Contemplations by John Vigor - John Vigor offering a great comparison of cruisers vs. airline pilots and the skills needed for each

On Refrigeration and Cold Beer by Oddasea - I am trying to figure out which direction I will take on refrigeration, and Oddasea brings up some new technology to consider.  Edit: the follow-up article on his fridge selection 

That Addictive Feeling by John Vigor - John writes a great piece on why ocean sailing isn't boring.

BIRTHRIGHT by Sean Mullens - an inspiring video about dedication to doing what you love, no matter the obstacles

BIRTHRIGHT from Sean Mullens on Vimeo.

Glass - A beautiful video about a surfer/photographer/shaper on Ireland's West Coast

Glass from James Skerritt on Vimeo.


A Married to the Sea comic that made me chuckle: