Fuel Filters, Oil Change fail & Bilge Pumps

This weekend went well with only a few mishaps. I intended on doing some regular maintenance tasks on the engine, which got put on hold for two months thanks to the impeller issue. But now that it is running correctly it is time for oil change, oil filter change, and both fuel filters changed. I also was able to repair the Whale Gusher bilge pump with a rebuild kit, so it needed to be reinstalled in the cockpit. I started with the oil change, figuring it to be an easy job to start the day. I was immediately stopped in my tracks because my oil change pump wasn't working correctly. It is a Jabsco oil change pump bucket with a small pump mounted on top just like this:


The pump would turn on, but it wouldn't suck anything through it. I played with it a bit but could never get it to pump. So I took it home to hopefully fix it this week, I have a feeling it needs a replacement impeller

So the oil change would have to wait. I went to the fuel filters next. Both filter changes were pretty straight forward, but I had a worry that I would need to bleed the fuel lines of air once done, a job I know would be more pain than it should be thanks to the engine being haunted. But after I changed the filters, the engine sputtered a bit for a few minutes and then ran just fine. Success! The primary filter was pretty dirty, I think my fuel tank is in serious need of cleaning. That might have to wait for the haul out though since I need to empty the tank for the truck haul anyways.

After the fuel filters we (Jenny and I) installed the manual bilge pump back in the cockpit without much hassle. But when I tried to run the hose down into the bilge, a crack on the hold hose showed itself and I accidentally broke the hose about 3 feet from its end, making it pretty useless. So I need to replace that hose, not much of an issue thank goodness...and the manual bilge pump will be in business!!!

I wanted to take the boat out for a ride afterward, but the PO wasn't around to give me some advice. The boat is parked at the dock the same way we came in when the engine overheated a few months ago. To turn the boat around in the narrow canal involves a method that I haven't been taught yet, so I was out of luck. Maybe next time I can actually ride Windsong up the river, and if God is really smiling on me...perhaps take her for a sail out in the Gulf!

There was one issue with the engine that needs to be resolved before I take it out, however. Along with the lingering oil change, water is coming out of a hose in the anti-siphon loop in the raw water circuit before where the water is injected into the exhaust. I think it is just a bad hose clamp, so I will have to experiment a bit to get that sealed tight and not leaking.