Updates and Around the Web - 6/14/11

The summer heat is taking its toll on my progress.  I am working on the boat weekday evenings like usual, but weekend days are tough to get anything done.  I have all the free time on the weekends, but the daytime heat is oppressive to work on a steamy boat.  Regardless, I've continued to get some things done.   I am nearly complete with the first section of my recent "sectioning" of the boat, and that has me a bit giddy.  Mostly because the first coat of new paint will be applied to a boat surface: the cockpit lockers.  Depending on some things, I might get that done tonight. This weekend I started working on the second section: the cockpit area, engine room, and quarter-berth.  First major project is to finish the re-coring of the cockpit sole.  On Saturday I epoxied in the first piece of core to the underside of the cockpit sole and it went smoothly thanks to some help I had.  In such hot temperatures, even with the "slow" hardener, epoxy heats up and cures quickly.  So having a helping hand to mix fresh epoxy in small batches was key.  I will update my re-coring post once I get a bit more complete and have more pictures.

For now, here are some of the best web finds from recent weeks:

Adrian Johnson's 5-part write-up of his single handed race from San Francisco to Hawaii -  Great reading to kill some time and dream of being out on the water.

Boat Bits: A Couple of Notes on Budgets... - Boat Bits takes on the widely debated (on forums at least) $500/month cruising budget.  As someone who has embraced a frugal lifestyle to afford this dream, this subject hits close to home.

Liz Clark and the Voyage of Swell: It's The Simple Wonders & Bluewater Hiatus- Two excellent narratives by Liz about making a passage after a while at anchor.

Windtraveler: Passage Making - The folks over at Windtraveler made a few notes on preparing for a passage.  Their journey through the Caribbean has been great to read so far.

Blue Sway - a beautiful underwater video of Paul McCartney's unreleased song "Blue Sway" directed by surf filmmaker Jack McCoy.