Section 1 Restoration Continues

In my last post I described my efforts to form smaller goals during this restoration to keep myself motivated and sane.  What I did was break up the boat into small sections to focus on before I moved to the next.  The pictures below show how I've divided up the boat:


The locations are approximate, though the sections are divided into these areas for a reason.  Each has major issues that need to be resolved and will be much easier to tackle if I am focused on the particular section.  Another reason for sectioning out the boat is to keep motivated.  I know myself well and I will get bored or frustrated easily when overwhelmed.  Funny to say considering this whole ordeal, but I've managed to get this far by keeping my goals limited and my sights set on near term success.  By completing the majority of restoration section by section, I won't get too bored or overwhelmed by one task.  For example, instead of wet-sanding the whole hull at once, I will do it in each section and move along to the next task in that when complete.

First up is the aft section.  Here is a run-down of the To-Do (and completed) list of this section:

Deck: -Thoroughly clean with soap, then solvent - COMPLETE -Sand with 150 grit - COMPLETE -Grind/bevel all dings and imperfections (including deck joint) - COMPLETE -Apply epoxy thickened with microballoons to fair - COMPLETE -Sand fairing compound down to a smooth surface - COMPLETE -Re-Apply fairing compound and sand down as needed - IN PROGRESS

After this process the decks will be ready to be primed and painted.  All deck penetrations have previously been potted (filled) with epoxy and just need final fairing.  I may take the leap and prime once I have a couple of sections ready, but will wait to paint when the temperatures drop in the fall.

Hull sides & Transom: -Thoroughly clean with soap, solvent, then On/Off where needed - COMPLETE -Remove above waterline thru-hulls & clean old sealant - COMPLETE -Remove painted name and location - COMPLETE -Wet sand gelcoat with 600 grit - COMPLETE -Sand cove stripe with 220 grit - COMPLETE -Repair any dings in gelcoat (including filled in thru-hull holes)

The transom is in worse shape than most of the white gelcoat on the hull sides.  The old name left a mark due to the sun's effect on the white gelcoat surrounding it, and there are a few old dings that were poorly repaired.  I may end up painting the transom, but leaving the rest of the hull sides white gelcoat (polished & waxed).

Cockpit Lockers: -Pressure wash all surfaces - COMPLETE -Repair delaminated locker "floor" - COMPLETE -Glass in unused thru-hull - COMPLETE -Rough sand all surfaces -Clean sanded surfaces with solvent -Paint with BilgeKote

As you can see, this whole section is nearly complete.  The only things remaining to do here once finished is to prime and paint the decks as previously mentioned, wet-sand the hull sides to progressively higher grits, polish & wax hull sides, then paint the cove stripe (and maybe the transom).  I am saving this "finishing" work until the fall when the temperatures are better for painting.  Once finished, new equipment can be added and I will be nearly complete!

Picture time!

Transom and nasty hull sides before work began:

After using some Citrus Strip to remove the name.. Most thru-hulls removed. All sides scrubbed down:

After stripping the name I cleaned the transom and hullsides with On/Off then I wet sanded.  All thru hulls removed:

Cockpit locker pre-repairs.  The thru-hull on the right will get filled in. You can see the plywood separating from the fiberglass in the top corner of the square hole, which will be repaired as well:

First step was to glue the plywood back to the fiberglass it was once attached to:

Next I laid down a few layers of glass to strengthen it. Now on to filling in the old heater exhaust hole. Step 1, grind out a bevel. Didn't go as far as 12-1, but I wen't as far as I could:

Step two, apply layers of epoxy soaked, biaxial cloth. Largest first, each one getting smaller. Three layers on here:

Layers 4-6 getting wetted out, layers 7-10 cut and ready:

All 10 layers, glassed in:

Used some plexiglass with the plastic film on it as a backing:

Came out flush. I will grind it down and apply gelcoat to fill and fair:

Note: I was initially worried about applying gelcoat over an epoxy repair, but did some research and am fine with my choice of products.  To summarize the myth of gelcoat not adhering to epoxy, check this out:

Note 2: I am entering this post into the Jamestown Distributors "Pimp My Boat" contest.  Therefore, here is a list of products and links to their page on the Jamestown site.  I use Jamestown Distributors to purchase most of my supplies and could use the prize money, so go there and please vote for my entry!

Products for fairing and repairs:

West System 105 Resin West System 206 Slow Hardener West System 407 Low Density Filler Biaxial Fiberglass Cloth Evercoat Premium Gel-Kote

Cleaning: On-Off Hull and Bottom Cleaner

Paint: Interlux BilgeKote  (for cockpit lockers) Interlux Epoxy Primekote (for decks) Interlux Perfection (for decks)