Anniversary & The Restoration Begins

It has been 1 year this week since hauling out Windsong to begin her rebuild!  I can't really celebrate it hard because I actually began the work on her right when she was bought, but the real effort began this week 1 year ago.  Where have I come since then?  Well, go check out the To-Do list and find what has been completed.  Basically, the boat has been completely taken apart.  Why did that take so long?  Well, for one I had to take my time to understand everything so I could eventually put it back together; and most things are old, rotten, corroded, rusted, etc. so removal was much more difficult that thought.  However, the restoration has begun and I think work will be a bit easier and more rewarding from now on. Windsong the day of the haul out:

Windsong today:

Even with my lack of updates, I have still been working diligently on Windsong.  I have been working on random little things, nothing extremely exciting to speak of.  Mostly trying to take apart the few remaining items that have thwarted me in the past.

However, I have now given myself a plan and have begun the restoration process now that the boat is bare.  I have broken the boat up into small sections to focus my efforts and to give me easier goals to accomplish.  In each section I will clean, sand, repair, fair, prime and get all surfaces ready for paint.  This includes the deck, hullsides, interior, bilge, etc.  I have become bewildered with this next step and by sorting the boat into sections I have somewhat of a plan and focus.  Taking the boat apart was easy, I just looked around and started tearing through things until they were all gone, now I need an actual plan of action. The first section I am focusing on is the rear of the cockpit area and cockpit lockers.  I began by cleaning the decks thoroughly, sanding/grinding and preparing for repairs and fairing.  Yesterday I took a stab at applying epoxy fairing compound to all of the little dings and potted hole repairs.  Up next will be to sand, repair and paint the cockpit lockers with Interlux Bilgekote.  The only repair work I need to accomplish in the lockers is to add a few layers of glass to some rotted plywood, and fill in a hole used as an exhaust for the old diesel heater.  This is an easy section that is giving me time to learn about working with the epoxy/fairing compounds as well as an easy area to hone my painting technique.  The lockers don't need to be very pretty, but I am trying to be meticulous about prep work regardless.

After the decks and interior space, I will move to the hullside and begin to wet sand and prepare the gelcoat for polishing/wax.  This section will require me to remove the old name and location on the transom, so that will be fun.  Also involved will be sanding the cove stripe to prepare for paint, and apply epoxy to the hull-deck joint.

Hopefully I will have this section done in the next week or two and feel confident in moving along to others.

Deck of the first section with fairing compound drying:

Inside the lockers:

Also started the hull sides of this section which includes the transom.  First step was removing the old name and location: