Weekend work

This weekend I focused my efforts to remove the teak caprail on deck.  This is easier said than done as all screws are hidden behind bungs and tend to strip even with my impact driver.  I've become a pro at removing bungs, most screws inside the cabin were hidden by them.  I'll write up my technique eventually as I've tried every one I have read about and finally found one that works consistently.  The caprails are in decent shape with only a few pieces weathered enough for concern, and only a small spot or two with rot that will be repaired.  The rails were left bare for their previous life, but I will cover them with Cetol most likely.  Once the rails were off I had to scrape and sand away the crusted old sealant/adhesive. With the rails off, I removed a few remaining things on deck: dorade box, cockpit vents, and tiller attachment.  Once removed, I sealed the exposed core with epoxy in all of these large holes.  The only remaining things on deck are a few of the deck drains and the main sliding hatch & companionway doors.  This means that I can start to clean, sand and fair the deck to prepare for priming and painting.

And now the pictures: