Update and Around the Web - 4/26/11

Not much to update unfortunately. Two weekends ago I had my friend Jeff come up to help me remove all of the stanchions from the caprail. It was easily the toughest job I've had to do to date. While Jeff was on deck cranking the bolt heads, I was below trying to hold the nuts to said bolts. Unfortuantely, these nuts are high up in the bulwarks and mostly a pain in the butt to access. Thankfully the boat is mostly disassembled so access was better than it could have been, but stuffing myself into areas like the port engine room locker was torturous. On top of it all, I've been sanding the interior surfaces lately so I ended up rolling around in fiberglass dust all day (that means needles in the skin for the next day). We eventually got it finished, so now the only thing left on the deck is the teak caprail. I've started to remove the pieces, and like everything on the boat it is taking longer than I expected. Finicky bungs, horrible flathead screws that strip too easily, frail old wood that will fall apart with too much brute force, etc. Once the rails are off, I will begin to sand and repair the decks.

For now, here is a web roundup of fun stuff:

Windtraveler: Traveler vs. Tourist: A well written piece on the difference between being a true traveler and a mere tourist.

S/V Estrellia: NOAA Beuford State Images:  A really neat picture reference for the Beuford forces (wind speeds).  Shows what the seas generally look like at each force level.

S/V Hello World: What We Learned About Cruising: Their take on what was learned on their recent cruise.  Practical, good advice with a sprinkle of sarcastic humor.

Knotty Cat Tales: Life Here in Bimini: This is a fun cruising blog with a couple who recently crossed to the islands.  They have a pit bull passenger with them, which interests me greatly because I would love to cruise with a four legged friend.  I've also been curious to see how other countries accept pit bulls, and so far they have had a good experience.

John Vigor's Blog: Enough is Enough Already: John's take on learning enough to get by, and accepting that it is nearly impossible to absorb everything a sailor could learn.