I miss the water

This morning as I was browsing my Google Reader list of blogs and various websites, and I came across a few sailing videos that got me a little nostalgic.  I am still enjoying my project on Windsong, and the progress is becoming more and more evident now that I am moving past the deconstruction phase.  However, I really really miss sailing her.  I am coming close to the 1 year mark since I hauled her out and began the rebuild, 1 year too long to be out of the water! This is the only video I have of sailing Windsong during the time I've owned her.  It was a great day out at Cape Canaveral, I can't wait to have that feeling again.


And here are a few more videos I've been daydreaming with:

Props to Tom, another DE38 owner out in California for his videos. I know I've posted some of them before, but they are worth another look. Well shot, great music, beautiful boat.

(Fleetfoxes! One of my current favorite bands)