Anchor locker, chainplates, bulkheads + more

The anchor locker project is coming along nicely.  I tried my hand at the sawz-all (first time) to cut out the locker bulkhead and it proved to be a great tool for the job.  After getting the bulkhead out I ground down the messed up glass in preparation for epoxy.  I still need to use the opportunity of this access to clean out the locker, prep, and paint it before I fit on the new bulkhead. Before:


Bottom of locker before:

After, now with about a 4 inch hole for a chain pipe.

I also removed the rotten bulkhead that separates the head from the v-berth.  After this one, only the main bulkhead remains:

Anchor and head bulkheads ready to haul out:

I also started removing what I could from the caprails, and the caprails themselves.  I need some assistance to get the stanchions off, so most of the caprail will come off as soon as I get the help.

The chainplates finally came out as well.  They were pretty easy to remove, and don't appear to have any major problems (visibly).  I intend to replace them, regardless.

Chainplates from the inside:

Stbd chainplates

The stbd fwd/lower shroud chainplate is in a hanging locker

All 3 port chainplates