Project - Anchor Locker

The repairs begin! As I mentioned previously, I plan on doing some structural repairs before bothering with deck painting. The deck has been sealed for the most part, so any moisture intrusion should stop. I am planning on working my way from the front to the back of the boat for repairs, and first up is the anchor locker. The wood in the anchor locker/v-berth bulkhead on Windsong is completely rotten away and needs replacement. I was planning on keeping the existing fiberglass/gelcoated bulkhead and doing all of the wood replacement inside the locker, but I am now considering moving the bulkhead back a few inches to make the locker larger.

I am thinking of using the first set of hull-side ribs that the teak battens are attached to as a base for a new plywood/fiberglass bulkhead. It would essentially move the bulkhead back into the v-berth about 2-3 inches, but provide quite a bit more volume in the anchor locker. With the bulkhead moved back, I might be able to construct a pipe system to have the anchor chain go into the forward most locker under the v-berth. I'll loose a few inches of bed space, but the v-berth bed is plenty big enough to shave a few inches off.

Here is the bulkhead :

Rot in the existing bulkhead (looking down from the opening)

I will be cutting out the locker bulkhead this week.  It is my first time doing major demolition with a sawz-all, so hopefully it all goes well.  Once it is out, I need to find some marine plywood and get the new bulkhead in place.