Around the Web - Jean-du-Sud & More Videos

Slow going on the boat this week. I did a lot of epoxy work this weekend getting deck holes plugged up and exposed core glassed in. I am waiting for some new balsa core to arrive from Jamestown Distributors so I can finish the cockpit sole repair and some other core repairs. This week I saw the trailer for Jean-du-Sud Around The World, a film about a man, Yves, who sails solo around the world with minimal stops.  It is beutifully filmed, well narrarated, and a great glimpse into what it is like to sail around the world on a small boat.  After one look at the trailer I knew I needed to see the full length, so I went ahead and purchased the downloaded version for about $10.  WELL worth it!  I highly suggest you at least do the "rental" download at the minimum if this sort of thing interests you.  Click here to check out the purchase and rental options.  Trailer below:

I also watched this TED talk from legendary ocean researcher Sylvia Earle concerning the importance of protecting our oceans.  Only about 18 minutes and worth the time.

Lastly, I love this Bruce Lee quote.