Almost There - Debt, Saving & Boat Search

It is hard to think of things to write about when I'm not reading a sailing related book. I finished all of the ones I own and have a few more coming. Until then, you may just have to deal with my ramblings. This weeks accomplishments toward the dream has been more of the same: finding ways to save more cash. As mentioned previously, I finally have more cash than credit card debt, but I still need to pay it off. I want at least $2,000 in the bank above and beyond the balance of my credit cards for emergency cash. I think I can be at that point by mid February, and my last estimation was for March so I may be able to beat my target. This will be a huge day for me because it marks the day I can start to count my money towards the boat. Right now I am at a negative number in terms of savings for the boat, that day will finally show a positive one. I am reaching for that home stretch and finally get the debt behind me. I am trying to eat & drink cheap, not spend too much on entertainment, and driving very little. Almost there.

Once that day happens it is serious boat search time. I've been collecting all of the best boat search websites and assembled the list of boats I am looking for in the previous post. I do searches here and there and find many potential boats. But once I reach positive savings, I will start to seriously look at some of the ads and begin to go see boats. If I find a good boat at the right price, I am going to get it and not worry anymore about taking a loan on it. I plan to move onto the boat so basically my rent will be the boat payment. I will be able to begin to learn about my boat, outfit it, learn how to sail, and save money by living aboard. Can't wait till that day.