Around the web - 3/17/11

This week has been busy at work so not much is getting done on the boat.  I've spent some time preparing deck holes for epoxy potting by cleaning, removing core material, counter sinking, etc.  I will be adding epoxy to fill the holes this weekend, including some larger holes like deck fills that need the exposed core closed off with epoxy. For now, here are some of the better things I've read or watched on the web recently:

John Vigor's Blog: The Virtues of Traditional Keels -  After doing much research, I decided a traditional full keel boat was for me.  John gives a summary of some of the reasons behind my decision, written well as always.

Newly Salted: China Doll at 3 Months - Q&A with the crew of China Doll, a young couple who recently set out cruising.  I liked their answers, the fact that they are cruising on a very small boat, and the fact that they aren't loaded with cash to go out and do this on a whim.

FrugalDad: Living Abroad, Frugally: An Mon and Son Team behind - A fantastic Q&A with Lainie Liberti who is perma-travelling in Central America on a tight budget with her son; as they live “a nomadic lifestyle and have no destination in mind or an end date to count down to.”

Boat Bits: ceci et cela - A blog entry pondering what is "expensive" to cruisers, and panders to the cheapskates like me using a self-steering windvane as an example.