Mast removal a success!

Tuesday afternoon came around and it was time for the mast to come off.  The crane showed up and I had everything prepped for a quick removal.   I told the yard that I didn't need any help (i.e. pay them $$$) in preparation, but they took that as I didn't need any help once the crane got there.  Myself and the crane operator tried to give it a go, but once he realized I really didn't know what I was doing he went to get the yard guys.  They came and lent a hand, and the mast was off in about 15 minutes.  I guess I owe them some money for their help, unfortunately I figure I will get charged for a whole hour of their time. After the mast was off I spent the day inspecting the mast & rigging, taking it apart, and snapping photos as I went along.  I don't have many photos of the actual de-masting, since I had to be in the thick of the action.  More detail pictures of the mast and rigging can be found on my facebook page.


slowly let down on the sawhorses

The mast step, notice the old nickel!  I want to glass in a nice coin underneath it once finished.

Decks getting pretty bare