The Self Sufficient Sailor - Book

I finished reading Lin and Larry Pardeys' Self Sufficient Sailor. This book was recommended by most of the authors I have read so far and I can see why. These guys have sailed around the world for many many years on a small 27 foot cutter with no engine at all. The book details how to get around without an engine in tight spaces and light air. Very useful skills for when engines fail. The book also goes through every little trick they have learned to do things the cheap and easy way to be self sufficient and unreliant on mechanics and spare parts being shipped to all corners of the earth. A lot of it was out dated, but they offered an update at the end of each chapter to kind of bring it to date. Overall a great book with a lot of good ideas I will be incorporating into my decisions from this point on.

Up next I am going to read some good old sailing stories, starting with The Long Way by Bernard Moitessier. I also plan on beginning The American Practical Navigator which is about 800 pages long and an intense read about all things nautical navigation, including celestial navigation which I am stoked on learning.