Around the Web - 2/22/11

As an idea to spruce up the content of this site, I will be posting some of the best things I've read, watched, or listened to on the web in the past week.  I will make most of them related to sailing, cruising, boats in general, fishing, cooking and surfing.  Sometimes I might throw something odd in there that I find interesting.  So without further ado... Windtraveler: Magic of the Dorado - The folks over at Windtraveler, a young couple who recently made it to the Bahamas on their cruise, caught their first Dorado.  I can't wait for the day I am landing big fish off of Windsong.

Fishing Under Sail: Mahi Mahi - Fishing Under Sail talks a bit about Mahi Mahi (Dorado, Dolphin, etc.) and the lures you need to catch them.

Liz Clark and the Voyage of Swell: From a day in the "Vortex" - Liz Clark, a solo sailer and surfer who is currently in the South Pacific, artfully recalls a perfect day of being at anchor and surfing.

John Vigor's Blog: Lashing Bob to the Mast - John Vigor recalls a tale about crossing the English channel in a tiny, derelict boat and a clumsy crewmate.  His stories always are well written and have great lessons.

Boat Bits: We're all Bozos on this Bus - Boat Bits talks a bit about single handed sailing, and shares a great link to the Single Handed Sailing Society with a free PDF e-book.

Teresa Carey shows what living aboard a small sailboat is like:

Chumming up Bull Sharks to spear Cobia off of them:

Balls Deep Part 1 from Josh Ball on Vimeo.

Fishermen catch a large marlin, cameraman jumps in the water to catch footage of it. Out of nowhere comes a large Mako Shark to tear apart the marlin. Great footage!