Work-in-Progress Video Tour of s/v Windsong - Part 1: Bottom & Hull

Hello!  Long time no post....not the first time I've said that.  The last post was in August when I finished the engine, and since then I have been working on the boat consistently.  Unfortunately for this blog, I have just not felt like writing along the way.  I've said it many times before, it is difficult and annoying to catalog each of what feels like hundreds of projects as the go, because for the most part there are dozens going on at any given moment.  So I will update you guys here and there, and of course when I finally finish something I will make a nice write up about it (see the last posts about engine and windows). To catch everyone up with whats been going on, I decided to make a few videos giving a tour of the boat, my work-spaces and the storage areas.  I will try to make them interesting and if I enjoy doing them (and you enjoy watching them), I will keep making them.

The first video here is a tour of the bottom and the hull, recapping what I've done and what I still have to do project-wise.  It is a bit longer than I wanted it to be, hopefully I can be a bit more concise in the next few videos.   -Erick

This was the first of the video tours I made back in early 2014. In this video I go on a tour of the bottom and hull, detailing the work done so far and the projects yet to be done.