Back to our regularly scheduled program...

I've put in a good amount of hours working on Windsong in the past two months.  I am at the boat yard 3-4 evenings after work; then at least a few hours on Saturday and Sunday each.  My current focus it to continue doing all the necessary prep work and repairs required to paint the decks.  I've removed almost every single piece of hardware that is screwed on or bolted through the decks; with the exception of the mast, cowl vents, and most things still bolted through the caprail (stanchions, pulpits, leads, etc.) In removing these pieces I've been re-routed to many many different other projects, and thats just the way it goes.   The idea is to halt all leaks, pot the holes for thru-bolted hardware, seize the soaking of the cored decks, and generally preparing the decks for the paint job. I hope to get the mast down, caprails and hardware off, and the decks fully prepped to be painted before spring is over and the summer heat comes.  I plan on using Interlux Perfection and all of the associated preparation and products from Interlux to retain chemical continuity.   I will be rolling & tipping, a technique if well managed and prepared for, can give results near an expensive spray job.

As a change of pace I've also kept myself busy completely tearing apart the interior of Windong.  I have removed 95% of all hardare, plumbing, cabinetry, teak trim, devices, old wall paper and veneer, headliner, windows...everything, you get the idea.  Underneath it all is a lot of grunge that needs cleaning.  I have pressure washed the bilge areas, and they still need some work.  Much of the side walls were covered in teak veneer which had bubbled and deformed over time.  I have scraped off all of the veneer and laminate countertops which has left a thick glue residue.  I will somehow scrape and/or chemically remove, then sand all of these surfaces to prepare for a paint job.  All lockers and bilge areas (where accessible) will be thoroughly cleaned and sanded for painting as well.  While it isn't imperative that I do this interior work right away, it is good for my morale to see it come along.  I also like the change of pace, since removing all of that was rather fun to me.  It was like a reverse puzzle, of which I will be able to put back together with some alteration to simplify, upgrade, and beautify.  My primary goal is to get the boat back in the water, but this helps the overall project and my motivation.

With all of that, and the bottom ready to be repaired, faired, barrier coated and painted; I am almost near the end of deconstruction, and am preparing for construction.  Priming and painting decks and bottom will be the first "new" things added to Windsong, and I cannot wait to get to get past the deconstruction hump.

Here are a few pictures of Windsong when I first purchased her, and then pictures after some deconstruction:

Bottom then:

Bottom now:

Decks then:

Decks now:

V-berth then:

now the vberth is my tool room

Galley area then:


Cabin then:

Cabin coming apart:

rotten cabin sole:

V-berth sole

Now to get all of that grunge out...