Reassembling the Engine

Once the engine and its parts were painted, it was then time to begin reassembly!  Not as easy as it sounds, there were a few specific procedures that needed to be done with care.  First was mounting the new head gasket, putting on the head and correctly torquing the head bolts.  Getting the right torque on those bolts, and in the correct order was important.  Unfortunately, when torqing down the bolts much of the new paint came off the bolt heads.  No big deal really, I'll touch-paint in the end after I've re-checked the torque after running.

Next was the rocker arm assembly and push rods.  This step required adjusting the valve clearances, another tricky procedure.  But as with everything else I've had to learn, reading the books and finding some good guides online made it pretty damn easy.  This video really helped me visualize the procedure:


The rest of the assembly was much easier.  Put on new gaskets or o-rings, torque bolts to the manuals specifications.

The only remaining items to be put on are new oil and fuel filters, a new breather hose, and the wiring harness.  Once those are complete it will be test run time!