Painting the Engine

This post continues the engine rebuild, the previous post can be found here. As of that last post, I had all of the necessary fixes finished and ordered all of the remaining parts.  The parts came in but before I could reassemble, I needed to paint everything.

For color I had originally planned on painting it silver/metallic much like the original color Yanmar uses.  However, the more I thought about it the more I wanted to paint it something more unique and entertaining.  I spent so much damn time rebuilding this thing, might as well make it look cool.  I pondered some darker colors but realized that it needs to be light and bright so that problems can be seen easier (leaks and whatnot).  Since I had the whole thing taken apart already, I might as well mix it up and have some parts different colors.

I ended up choosing a pattern of yellow with aluminium color parts.  I used Dupli-Color Self-Etching Primer as the base coat, important for aluminium surfaces.  I stuck with the same brand and used Dupli-Color High Temperature Engine Enamel for the paint job.

Before painting every surface was meticulously cleaned.  I also tried to get most of the original chipping paint off that I could.  Painting was rather easy, the hard part was getting everything taped off correctly so that no mating surfaces were painted and everything was protected against that paint that needed to be.  Just followed the directions on the cans of primer and paint, and let it rip:



With everything painted, it was then time for reassembly!