Sporadic posting has been a theme of this blog since its inception.  Much like working on the boat, I will gain some momentum and post at a reasonable rate; then momentum is lost for whatever reason and I slow down.  Right now I am somewhat bored with writing about the boat rebuild.  I have a ton of great ideas for helpful, informative and entertaining articles regarding the projects I am working on...but none seem to leap from my brain to my keyboard with any success.  I attribute most of this to the fact that I am in limbo on nearly every project right now, and I am very tired of spending time taking pictures and crafting a blog post to update an incomplete project. Take the engine rebuild for example.  I've made a few posts, but I am so close to the finish line that writing about any other incremental step just feels silly to me...I want to post some RESULTS!  I will once its done, but for now I am tired of the mid-project writing assignments.   A large part of the problem is that I have to work for a living, and work gets busy sometimes.  I also remain diligent to this entire boat rebuild and am always working on something to push it further along. It is tough to find the motivation to do MORE work in terms of writing for this blog, particularly trying to write about projects causing me frustration and no having a conclusion to display.

Being bored with technical writing is a big underlying problem with this.  I have been really wanting to write more about subjects I feel are way more important and entertaining than his boat rebuild.   Most notably, I want to write about surfing and how it has shaped me as a person and inspired this whole project.  I have a big long post that I have been writing, re-writing and editing since January that I still cannot finish.  No matter how hard I try, I cannot find the right words to express what I am trying to say in anything but a technical way.  I've written too many technical posts, and I write too many technical reports for a living to throw flair into my writing with any sort of ease.

I'm trying though, I hope to have that first piece on surfing out sooner than later.  I am optimistic that this piece will be a spring board for all of the stories and conversations I want to have about surfing, life, music, food, people, destinations and things that will someday transform this blog from a story of a guy who is rebuilding a boat to a story of much more epic proportions.   I know many people have discovered this blog due to the project reports I've posted, and while I appreciate those readers I really hope they understand that the motivations behind any of these projects go way beyond the desire to rebuild a boat.

Forgive my ranting and forgive my sporatic posting in this blog.  I appreciate every one of you who continue to read this, and I hope to bring you consistent and interesting content someday.  But this project is a major undertaking that sucks a lot of energy from my bones and leaves little to support a consistent blog.  In the mean time, I hope you enjoyed this blog post about me not wanting to write blog posts :)

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